Stories for The OU Daily

Crimson Quarterly Magazine cover story: A Town Divided

Profile of custodial worker amid COVID-19

Also featured in KFOR and The Oklahoman: Student teachers preparing for COVID-19

Investigative story on student employee working conditions amid COVID-19

Currently on display in OU’s Stephenson Building: Profile on OU’s Vice President for Research and Partnerships

Event coverage for George Floyd vigil

Event coverage for university employee protest

Event coverage for second university employee protest

Man-on-the-street coverage of historic sit-in

Profile of new university president

Photojournalism story of student canvassers, photos also by Beth Wallis

Coverage on university employee petition

Coverage on controversial parking enforcement

Research beat: coverage of OU’s research partnership with Peru

Feature on student making COVID-19 masks

Comparative article on presidential candidates

Investigative story on move-out conditions amid COVID-19

Comparative article on upcoming district election candidates

Profile of outgoing councilmember Kate Bierman

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