Unmasking America– show producer, sound engineer

Unmasking America is a 4-part series examining the lifespan of the pandemic through the stories of those most affected. It’s produced by Carnegie-Knight News21, a national multimedia reporting project produced by the nation’s top journalism students and graduates.

Destination: Greenwood- creator, show producer, sound engineer, host

Tulsa’s Greenwood community has long been defined by the two worst days in its history: May 31 and June 1, 1921 — otherwise known as the Tulsa Race Massacre. But the story of Greenwood didn’t start with the race massacre, and it didn’t end with it, either. From The OU Daily, Destination: Greenwood is an exploration of Greenwood from its inception to the present-day; documenting its evolution from Black Wall Street to ashes, the devastation of urban renewal and the road to repairing a century of injustice.

At the Seams- creator, show producer, sound engineer, host

A movement to defund the police. A counter-movement to recall the city council and mayor. A community terrorized by threats and harassment from both sides, and a setting rife with a history of racial injustice. At the Seams documents what happens when the national becomes local, when politics become identity, and when neighbors become adversaries. Norman, Oklahoma was ripped apart at the seams, and it’s up to this community whether to mend itself back together.

The OU Weekly– creator, show producer, sound engineer, host

A podcast from The OU Daily that explores the biggest story of the week from our newsroom. Whether it’s COVID-19 policy, a student protest, a star athlete or a new art exhibit, The Weekly is the place to get OU’s biggest stories.

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